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Clearwater Warrant Lawyer

Dealing with a warrant can be stressful and upsetting, but it doesn’t have to be so distressing. Make the process easier by calling a lawyer in Clearwater before your arrest.

Seeing a warrant for your arrest can be an upsetting experience, at best. You might not be expecting it, and now you might not be sure what to do about it. Being arrested can be mortifying, especially if you’re arrested at your workplace, in front of your neighbors, or on the side of the road after being pulled over.

If you’re not sure where to start with your warrant in Clearwater, you may need to contact a lawyer at Hersem Law. A Clearwater warrant lawyer can help you deal with your arrest and fight back during a criminal trial.

Arrest Warrants vs. Bench Warrants

Understanding your warrant will be key to understanding your charges, whether you’re charged with a DUI, drug-related offenses, reckless driving, or something else. Knowing the difference between the two types of warrants can help you later when you’re preparing to defend your case.

When you think of a warrant, you typically think of someone accused of a crime, who is then arrested by the police. An arrest warrant gives police officers the permission to arrest you for criminal charges.

While bench warrants serve the same purpose, to bring you to the station and book you before your trial, they’re used for a different situation. A bench warrant means that you failed to appear before the judge, and they’ve issued a warrant from the bench.

Depending on the type of warrant, you’ll know what to expect and how you may need to fight back. For example, if you’re dealing with a bench warrant, you know that you’ll need to address why you didn’t appear in court. For an arrest warrant, you may need to discuss the charges with a lawyer and determine how to defend yourself best in court.

Dealing with Your Clearwater Warrant

If you’re worried about the arrest process, a lawyer can make things easier. When you find out about the warrant, call an attorney for help. They’ll usually be able to negotiate with the police for a quiet, discreet arrest so you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of being arrested during a routine stop or even at work.

Once you’re there, you’ll be booked, which means your information will be put into the system. You’ll have a chance to prepare your bail with your lawyer as well, so when your bail is posted, they should be able to provide it and get you out quickly. Then, you can focus on your defense in the courtroom.

Contact a Clearwater Warrant Attorney

It’s unfortunate, but dealing with a warrant in Clearwater can be difficult. You have other things to do, and now you may be publicly arrested, which can be embarrassing. You may want to avoid that wherever possible so you can focus on your criminal case.

That process can be easier with a lawyer from Hersem Law. Our attorneys can walk you through the process, from negotiating your arrival at the police station to your bail. We can help make the process as simple and quick as possible so you can deal with your charges.

If you’re concerned about your arrest, contact a Clearwater warrant lawyer for a strategy session. We’ll discuss your case and how we can help when you call 813-251-7291 or complete the following online form.