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Clearwater Probation Lawyer

When you’re charged with a serious criminal offense, you may be able to avoid some of the penalties by seeking probation. If you’re not sure where to begin, however, let a probation attorney in Clearwater help you fight for your rights to probation.

If your case is heading to trial and you’re concerned about a conviction, you may also be considering other options to avoiding consequences. Your offense could come with harsh penalties, so fighting back to protect your freedom is important.

Probation may be an option for you, but you’ll need the help of an attorney from Hersem Law to get this opportunity. Your Clearwater probation lawyer can help you seek probation, understand the conditions, and protect this opportunity.

What Is Probation?

When you’re facing a criminal conviction in Clearwater, you may have options to avoid some of the penalties of your case. For example, you may be able to seek out probation. While you’d be unable to enjoy all the freedoms you had while not on probation, you will have the opportunity to avoid some or all of your jail time.

Keep in mind that this is not the same as parole. While parole is a chance to be released from prison on good behavior before your sentence is up, probation is granted before you serve any jail time. That means you’ll have an alternative that allows you to stay in your home, possibly keeping your job and making the aftermath of a conviction easier.

Conditions of Probation for Florida Residents

If you’re considering probation, however, you’ll also need to understand the agreement you’re entering before you begin. If you’re not careful to follow the conditions of your probation, this opportunity can be revoked. That could mean an arrest, leaving you to serve the rest of your jail sentence.

Each probation agreement will depend on the criminal charges you’re facing, though typically, you’ll have to waive certain freedoms. For example, you may be subjected to a warrantless search, waiving your Fourth Amendment rights. That means your probation officer may search you at any time, especially if they have a reasonable suspicion that you’re breaking the terms of your probation.

Before you agree to anything, contact your Clearwater criminal defense lawyer. You’ll need to understand the agreement you’re entering before you do anything and make sure you’re ready to protect your opportunity for freedom.

Seek Out Probation with a Clearwater Attorney

Seeking out probation can help you recover after a criminal conviction, but you’ll also need to understand the rights you’re waiving and the conditions you’re agreeing to. If you’re not prepared for your probation agreement, it can be easy to get it revoked.

Fortunately, a lawyer from Hersem Law can help you protect your Florida probation agreement. Speak with us during a free strategy session, and we’ll help you understand your options. We’ll help you fight back for the chance at recovery from a conviction.

If you’re facing probation and need help, a Clearwater probation lawyer may be able to help. To get started with a free strategy session, give us a call at 813-251-7291 or complete the online form below.