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Clearwater Felony Lawyer

A felony charge is serious and could leave you with major losses. Avoid high fines and jail time with the help of a Clearwater defense attorney who can help you fight back.

Facing criminal charges isn’t easy. You likely have interests and ambitions for your life that jail time would interfere with, after all. You may have a career, a degree in progress, or a family, all of which would be affected by a felony charge.

You’ll need to fight back to get your charges dismissed, but it can be tough to do either of these things. You may not have the tools and experience needed to build a strong defense. Fortunately, that’s where your Clearwater felony lawyer can step in.

At Hersem Law, we understand how tough it can be to take action against such serious criminal charges. That’s why we’re ready to help you fight back after you’re accused of a felony in Clearwater.

Consequences for Florida Convictions

When you’ve been accused of a felony charge, you’ll need to consider the legal consequences of a felony. Whether you’re a student or just trying to do your job, a felony conviction can disrupt your life, leaving you to struggle with catching up.

When you’re accused of a felony, one of your first concerns may be the jail time you could face. Felony charges are serious, even more so than misdemeanors, so you may be facing up to five years for a third-degree felony. For more serious crimes, you could be facing life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

You may also be concerned about the fines you’ll be facing for your case. Unfortunately, a felony can be expensive, which leaves most people struggling to recover from thousands of dollars in fines after their sentence.

Penalties Don’t Stop after Your Sentence

Worse, the penalties may keep piling up. For example, you may expect your life to return to normal once  you complete your sentence. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case.

First, you could lose your job for a felony conviction, and you may struggle to find a new one after the fact. Your criminal record can be found by potential employers, and many won’t hire those with criminal records.

Even housing is difficult. Landlords may also seek out your record, and if they find anything, you may be denied housing. Sadly, this may leave you jobless and living with family, friends, or even without a home. As such, it’s vital to seek a dismissal now and avoid these penalties.

Fight Back against Felony Charges

When you’re facing felony charges, fighting back is tough. Your charges are especially severe, and you could be facing consequences for years if you don’t fight back properly. Unfortunately, that’s tough to do without help.

That’s where your Clearwater lawyer from Hersem Law can help. We can guide you through your felony case and help you seek out a dismissal. Reach out today for your free strategy session, and we’ll show you how we can help before you sign anything.

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