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Can I Be Pulled over for Texting While Driving in FL?


While you’re on the road, it can be tempting to send a quick text that you’re on the way, or to check that notification that buzzed at you a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, if you do choose to check it, you could be in serious trouble.

Plenty of Florida drivers have checked their phones behind the wheel, but can you be pulled over for texting while driving in FL? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. However, you also have a chance to get your ticket dropped if you fight back in traffic court.

Tickets for texting while driving can be expensive, and they can drastically affect your license and insurance costs. So, reach out for help before you defend yourself in traffic court or plead guilty to your ticket.

Florida’s Texting Ban

Like many states, Florida has placed a ban on texting while driving in any form. If you need to use your phone, you’re expected by law enforcement officers to pull over before making your call or text. Texting while driving is considered distracted driving, which could lead to serious injuries.

Texting and driving has become such a serious issue today that many states like Florida have implemented safe driving programs. For example, Florida has designated certain rest areas as “safe phone zones,” encouraging people to pull over to these places before they use their cell phones.

Unfortunately, because distracted driving is such a problem, police officers will be on the lookout for any signs that you’re texting and driving. That also means that you could be left with hefty fines that you’ll need to fight.  

Penalties for Texting and Driving in Florida

When you’re pulled over for texting while driving, the penalties for a guilty plea or a conviction can be harsh. You’ll need to fight back to make sure you don’t face these penalties, or you could spend years fighting back afterwards.

First, you’ll need to watch for the fines that come with a traffic ticket. Even a first offense can be expensive. If you don’t take action, you might be paying more than one hundred dollars for something you don’t believe you’re guilty of.

Worse, it can affect your license. Florida has a points system, which means that for every ticket you receive, you’ll also receive points on your license that add up. If those points reach certain limits within a single period, your license can be suspended. So, if you’re pulled over for texting while driving, you may need to fight back to protect your driving privileges.  

Fight Your FL Ticket Today

If you’ve ever had to pull over to answer a text, or if you’ve gone ahead and answered, you’ve likely wondered, “Can I be pulled over for texting while driving in FL?” The bad news is, yes, you can be pulled over. The good news, however, is that you have a chance to fight back.

When you’re pulled over and given a ticket, you’ll have a chance to fight back against that ticket by calling a lawyer from Hersem Law. We’ll help you defend yourself in traffic court, starting with a free strategy session. That way, you know that our firm is right for you before you begin.

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