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Will Coronavirus Affect My Probation?


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted most areas of life, throwing a lot of people into uncertainty and confusion. You may now be worried about what the next few months will be like for you, not just as a resident of Florida, but as a person currently on probation. 

You may have gotten used to regular meetings and check-ins with your probation officer, but now, you have your own health and your family’s health to worry about. 

If you’re concerned about maintaining good social distancing practices, you may be wondering whether the coronavirus will affect your probation. Staying up to date is important, so be sure to check in with your probation officer, as well as talking to a Tampa criminal defense lawyer

Probation Rules May Change for Coronavirus

If you’re taking COVID-19 seriously and keeping yourself as self-isolated as possible, you may be worried about meeting with your probation officer. You likely don’t want to get them or yourself sick, but you’re still required to follow your probation requirements. 

Some advocates are suggesting major changes to the way probation meetings are handled. For example, your probation officer may be willing and able to make remote video calls instead of in-person meetings. Advocates also recommend reducing penalties and restrictions during the quarantine period, especially for those unlikely to reoffend. Your probation officer may not agree, but change may be coming. 

Maintaining Quarantine Orders While on Probation

Some parts of your probation agreement may not be difficult to maintain. For example, bars are closed in many areas, and people are being asked to stay in their homes. That limits your chances of being accused of breaking certain rules of your probation.

Your biggest concern, though, may be making it to meetings and check-ins with your probation officer. Now, you may not have the option for travel. If you don’t drive, the person who drove you may be suffering from COVID-19 or unwilling to risk contracting it. 

Because of this, you may need to talk to a Tampa probation lawyer about your case and your options for probation. For example, certain groups are suggesting remote video calls with probation officers to limit the spread of the coronavirus and prevent more cases. Many courts are closing for some time, too, and your probation lawyer can help you navigate these concerns. 

Talk to Your Tampa Probation Lawyer About COVID-19 Concerns

As COVID-19 spreads and as rules change to slow the spread of the pandemic, you may see changes in your probation rules. However, you may not want to risk doing the wrong thing or following the wrong laws, only to be taken back to prison. 

To protect your future and your freedom, talk to a Tampa probation lawyer from Hersem Law. We understand that the situation is changing fast, and you may not have all the answers yet. Our Tampa  lawyers know that it’s tough to follow the changing news about COVID-19, so we’re here to fight for you if you’ve been accused of breaking your probation rules. 

Talk to an attorney about whether the coronavirus will affect your probation during a free strategy session. We can discuss your options for fighting for your probation when you call 813-251-7291 or fill out the online contact form below.