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Can You Go to Jail for False Accusations in Florida?

When you provide evidence to a law enforcement officer, you may be expected to meet a certain quality of evidence, which could be used to prosecute someone of a crime. That can cover assault, child abuse, or other types of serious accusations. Unfortunately, the information you have might not be accurate.

So, can you go to jail for making false accusations in Florida? While it is possible, you’ll have a chance to defend yourself when someone accuses you of falsely accusing someone else of a crime. If you’re concerned about your case, reach out to a criminal defense lawyer from Hersem Law who can work to help you overcome this situation.

Accusations Are Taken Seriously

Falsely accusing someone of a crime will be taken seriously. These accusations can destroy someone’s life, after all. If they’re convicted, their charges will follow them for some time, leaving them struggling to overcome those accusations even after they’ve finished their prison sentence. Even if they’re cleared before it comes to a conviction, the accusation can linger and impact all aspects of their life.

Because of this, false accusations will be taken seriously. False reports in general may leave you charged with a misdemeanor. However, some charges, like falsely reporting child abuse, are felonies.

If you’re charged with a false reporting misdemeanor, that could mean up to a year in jail for you, along with your fines. A felony will mean even more time, damaging your future and your family. As such, you’ll need to fight back when you’re accused of a false accusation.

Defending Yourself from Jail Time and More

Typically, when you’re accused of making a false accusation, the prosecutor will need to take certain steps to prove that you intentionally provided a false accusation. If they cannot prove this, you may be able to have your case dismissed.

For example, they’ll need to show that you intended to provide a false report to a police officer. In some cases, you may have had reason to believe that your report was mostly or completely true. Your lawyer may focus on proving that.

Otherwise, you may not have known the person you were speaking to was a law enforcement officer. That lack of knowledge can impact your case, so be sure to speak to your attorney if you didn’t know they were a police officer.

Fight Back When You’re Falsely Accused

A false accusation charge is nothing to take lightly. You’re being accused of a misdemeanor or even a felony, and those charges can hurt your future. Fortunately, you have the option to fight back.

When you’re struggling with your case, call a lawyer from Hersem Law. Our attorneys understand the difficulties you’re facing when you’re charged with making a false accusation, so we’ll help you fight back. Give us a call for a free strategy session, where we’ll discuss what you can do and whether you can go to jail for false accusations in Florida.

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