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DUI/Criminal Traffic Offenses

At Christopher T. Hersem, P.L., we understand the stress and concern that individuals with a DUI charge are faced with. This charge not only affects you now, but can also come back to haunt you years down the road.

In Florida, DUI allegations are handled differently than any other charge. There are several potential consequences for being accused of this crime. If convicted, individuals may face criminal penalties such as mandatory jail sentences, probation, fines, or community service. Even without a conviction, individuals may face additional penalties such as suspension or loss of driver’s license, loss of work or school, increased insurance rates, or mandatory alcohol treatment.

To avoid or minimize the negative effects of a DUI accusation, it is imperative to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Chris Hersem has the knowledge and reputation necessary to provide his clients with aggressive and effective DUI representation.

Most people realize that a DUI accusation can result in criminal charges and penalties from a court of law. However, most drivers do not understand that a DUI arrest can also affect their right to drive based on a civil suspension. A DMV suspension is initiated against an arrested driver when he or she either fails a breath or blood alcohol test, or refuses to submit to the test. Either way, an Administrative Hearing is necessary to protect your right to drive.

Our firm is experienced in representing clients throughout both the Criminal and Administrative process.

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